Hello👋, My name Jangyeong(Jay) Kim. You can see my CV here.
My engineering interest is mainly on developing novel machine learning models and algorithms, and their real-world applications to computer vision and reinforcement learning domains. Specifically, I've been interested in improving Generative Models to better fit a specific data distribution and developing decision making model for various unknown environment using deep reinforcement learning

📞 Contact

Email  dkel03@korea.ac.kr Blog jang-inspiration.com

📚 Education

BS in Computer Science and Engineering Korea University, Mar 2017 — Present

💻 Experiences

NCSoft, Graphics AI Lab AI Research Intern, Mar 2023 ~ Present
  • AI Texturing / AI 3D Modeling for 3D Game Asset Creation
BiDi AI CEO & AI Researcher, Nov 2021 ~ Dec 2022
  • AI Face Editing Application - BiDi
Software Maestro (12th) AI Researcher, Mar 2021 ~ Feb 2022
  • Led a research project Natural Hairstyle Editing for korean Facial Data using GAN.
AI and Mobility(AIM) Laboratory, Korea University AI Research Intern, Nov 2020 ~ May 2021
  • Optimal Auction Algorithm for auto-driving through Deep-Learning
  • Advanced Integrated Intelligence for identification
System Intelligence Group, Korea University AI Research Intern, Oct 2019 ~ Feb 2020
  • Action Recognition for rehabilitation treatment
Microsoft Student Partners (MSP) Full-Stack Developer, Jul 2017 ~ Aug 2018
  • Conducted evangelism sessions introducing new features of Microsoft Azure

💪 Skills

  • AI: Pytorch, Tensorflow
  • BackEnd: Node.js(Koa with ts), Flask
  • FrontEnd: React(Next with ts), React Native
  • DevOps: AWS, Azure, Docker, ...
  • Language: C,Python,JS, ...